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not all those who wander are lost

the fool's journey

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Created on 2011-04-07 05:41:40 (#737192), last updated 2011-04-08 (337 weeks ago)

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Name:Feral Kat
Birthdate:Aug 15, 1985
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
Testing out this site as an alternative to LJ. More soon!

Interests (117):

ailuranthropy, amber, animism, anthropomorphism, anthrozoology, archetypes, being a confidant, being in nature, bobcats, breathing exercises, buddhism, camping, cat people, cats, celtic mythology, cernunnos, chanting, collaging, collecting bits of nature, common courtesy, common sense, communing with nature, constantly quoting various things, creeks, crystals & gemstones, cuddling, dancing, disability, divination, dream interpretation, energy work, folklore, following my own path, forests, fresh air, gaming, giving, glamourbombing, gratitude, grounding, healing, hiking, inner alchemy, intuition, journaling, kemetic mythology, kindred spirits, labyrinths, lakes, languages, lapis lazuli, learning from experience, listening, lotus blossoms, making people laugh, many kinds of music, meditation, memory problems, mental illness, metaphor, mindfulness, mountains, mythology, naturalism, nature, nature & wildlife documentaries, nature-based spirituality, norse mythology, painting, pcos, piercings & tattoos, psychology, ptsd, quan-yin, quotes, rats, reading, rivers, sculpting, sex, sexuality, shapeshifting, showing affection through touch, simple joys, singing, sleeping outside, solitude, spirit medicine, spontaneous adventures, stillness, stretching, sunrises & sunsets, symbolism, synchronicity, talking to myself, tarot, the fool, theatre, therapy, transcendentalism, upg, visions, visualization, walking, wandering, watchfulness, werecats, wild places, wilderness, wind, winged felines, witty banter, world-building, world-walking, writing, yoga, zoology
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